Terms & Conditions

Our terms & conditions apply to all students enrolling with Paragon Training Academy Limited. Together with the other documents and policies, which you refer, these Terms form the contract between Paragon Training Academy Limited and the learners, and the terms and conditions apply to all the learners. 

Our terms refer to all the terms and conditions provided in writing in an offer letter provided to you via email or by our admission staff, through the application form and also via our website in writing and this replace any verbal commitments, undertakings and representations. 

You (Learner) must enrol each year on the course and this could be done online or via an application form available from the admissions team. By doing so;

You accept to follow all the rules and regulations, policies & procedures of all our validating bodies.

You must pay all fees due, by the dates specified by Paragon Training Academy Limited, unless previously agreed otherwise in writing by our Finance Office.

All applications must be signed by the student in person. All applications made online will be signed and accepted electronically. Under no circumstances will applications made for an individual by a third party (e.g. an agent or a relative) be accepted.

Student must disclose any criminal convictions prior to start and we reserve the right to ask learners for enhanced disclosure where the qualification requires the disclosure in place and also in case of students working with or working on a work placement with vulnerable adults, children or young people. We are entitled to refuse or stop you to be on programme immediately if you have failed to comply with the regulations. In such condition, fee will be non-refundable. 

Paragon Training Academy Limited provides 14 days cancellation policy and you have a right to cancel your enrolment at any time up to 14 days after you confirm your acceptance. Any such cancellation must be done in writing or via email only. Verbal cancellation will not be accepted. If you cancel within this period you will be entitled to a refund of any deposit/tuition fees which you have paid and you will not be bound by these Terms.

 Paragon Training Academy Ltd shall provide the following services:


Ensure that you are provided the learning support facilities and services which are necessary for completion of the course. Paragon will be able to make variations from time to time to the services and facilities provided.

As Paragon operates in different sites, any changes in the location required by you will be subject to student protection plan and in accordance with the safeguarding policy

We will ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to provide the qualification to you. However where circumstances are beyond our control and can interfere with our ability to provide the Course or the Services, we undertakes to take all reasonable steps to minimize the disruption to the Course and the Services.


Student’s Obligations.

Students are required to comply with your obligations under these Terms and to:

Ensure you are attending your lectures regularly, part of your course requirements and also any tutorials or exams as part of the course requirements. Any absences will not be permitted except in exceptional circumstance.

You must notify us any changes in writing, for example change of circumstances or, any changes in the information submitted at the time of enrolment, change of address, or emergency contact details. 

You must also familiarise yourself and abide by, with all the rules and regulations, policies, procedures, and code of conduct. This will be provided at the time of enrolment published in the Handbook.

Change of Circumstances

You must notify us of any change of circumstances immediately. Paragon has the right to end your learning contract immediately by notice in writing to you in the following circumstances; 

A; By providing false, misleading and incorrect material information.

B: If you fail to notify Paragon regarding your criminal convictions (spent or unspent) in accordance to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

While at Paragon we take reasonable activities to ensure we are delivering the courses in accordance with the ESFA & Ofsted guidelines and also in the description provided in our marketing materials, however due to the limited resources, we will be entitled to; make changes to the scheduled timetables, if it is required, alter location of the course and may discontinue the course, if there are not enough people enrolled on the course with a prior notice. In such circumstances where we discontinue the course, you will be entitled for a refund of the deposit or fee paid by you.

Although we take reasonable care to ensure our IT equipment’s used by students has reasonable security, however we should not be liable for any damage occurred which could be software failure, contamination or any files losses as a result of using our equipment’s.


We will be entitled to terminate your contract immediately if you have provided misleading and false information.

You have not declared or you have failed to declare the material information required for your enrolment.

We may use your personal data for internal purposes, and this is set out in our Data Protection GDPR policy which can be seen on our website. 

We copyright all our course material and our website contents.