Our people are our greatest strength

Paragon’s People strategy is to build a team which is inclusive and diverse, and understands our short term and long term goals. We believe that stronger teams can be generated within the organisation by harbouring people first culture, commitment and motivation. We value every member of our team, and our team is behind the success of Paragon. We are proud of our team that we have built and each one is unique individual with their own area of specialism. We will continue to thrive with the help, support, and energy our team members have put in so far to share the vision of Paragon. 


Our Administration

Reena Gour

Managing Director

Aysegul Yesildaglar

Principal & Head of Quality

Kirk Mizen

IQA Rail Engineering

Marion Oribhabor

Rail Training COORDINATOR 

Paschal Oribhabor

Tutor/Assessor Rail Engineering

Teresa Weston

Tutor/Assessor Education

Duncan Bewley

IQA construction

Linda Harradine


Andrew Calder

IQA Rail Engineering

Alex Skurko

Tutor/Assessor Construction 

David Eve

HSQE Manager 

Victoria Ebulue

Tutor Assessor Community Sports and Health Officer

Saidat Oke

AAT Tutor 



Lisa L Sault

IQA Hair & Beauty, Makeup & Barbering

Vikki Donson

Tutor/Assessor Hair & Beauty

Umair Sarwar

Data officer & Head of IT/ Sentinel coordinator

Ian Boden

Tutor/Assessor Hospitality

Karen Pearson

Tutor/Assessor Hair & Beauty

Jenny Rollings

Tutor/Assessor Hospitality

Birgitta Tirle  


Zara Hussain

Office admin/ E-Learning COORDINATOR