Neet & Pre-Neet


This programme has been created for the purpose of young people who are going through a range of issues, for example issues at home with family, drug or alcohol addictions or academic issues such has no qualifications or previous work history. These individuals will have low self-esteem and self-assurance as have not experienced the real world. These programmes can range from a few days to a few weeks depending on the learner’s requirement.

The programme for NEET will be based on:

  • Long term coaching and support 6+ months to 1+ years
  • Building practical and written skills
  • Vocational skills – education, admin and customer service
  • Refining their understanding of world topics and the economy
  • Motivation through resiliency, punctuality and work ethic.


This programme has been created for young people who are in upper secondary education usually between the age of 13-16. These individuals are highly unlikely to achieve any academic qualifications, therefore this would lead to them becoming NEET – not in education, employment and training when they have left school.

The programme helps to promote the welfare of young people and support them at this phase so they can make career decisions that will benefit them the most. Furthermore, the programme will allow them to achieve the minimum level of qualifications they would need to start a career and provide them with valued knowledge and skills that they can apply to their future. The programme is tailored towards schools, councils are other sectors that have young people within their care.

The programme will cover a range of topics, these areas will help to prepare young people for the real word and they are delivered through modern day advanced methods such as technology, apps and games in order to keep them focused and so they that can also enjoy the programme.

  • Setting goals and having a personal plan
  • CV building and interview techniques
  • Problem Solving/Positivity
  • Communication and Self Awareness