Microneedling Training Course (1 Day)

£599.00 £399.00

  • Level -Beginners to Intermediate
  • Dates available through out the year. Once you pay for the training, call us with your suitable days
  • Pre Requisite: Need to have level 3 beauty therapy or qualified medics

Microneedling was first recorded to be used in 1905 by a Germany dermatologist.  Later during the 1950’s his work was discovered by an American dermatologist who modified the technique using brushes made from stainless steel as opposed to dental burrs then later a French scientist called Carrell experimented using it for anti-ageing.  Later, in 1995 Carrell used it on scarring with a hypodermic needle.  This was revised by Camirand and Doucet as being the needling itself that was beneficial another Plastic Surgeon from South Africa called Dr Des Fernandes (founder of Environ) induce collagen production with his stamp (CIT - Collagen Infusion Therapy) followed by the roller.  Improvement were being made and about 10 years later was the introduction of the Derma pen.  Both treatments are very popular in cosmetics, skin rejuvenation, hair restoration, body restoration and cellulite treatments.  Derma roller and Dermapen each have their advantages and work using the same techniques, just the way they are delivered.

Microneedling works by tricking the skin into thinking it been injured, this activated more white blood cells to repair the area and then produces more collagen.  So, Microneedling is a natural way to repair the skin.  Products can also be used but also works on its own.

1 Day Training Includes:

Health and Safety in the Workplace, RIDDOR, COSHH, Data Protection, Risk Assessment, First Aid, Preparation of Work Area and Client, Setting up the work area, Types of Treatment, Contra-indications and Client-Care, Practical Application with Roller, Practical Application with Pen, Stretching the Skin, Contra-Actions, Stamping with Pen, Successful Techniques, Skin Rejuvenation, Hair Restoration, Pigmentation, Scarring, Skin Rejuvenation, Non-injectable Mesotherapy, Anti-aging, Risks and Assessment, Client Care, Products and Branding.

Can this diploma be upgraded to VTCT (NVQ) afterwards?

Yes, here at Paragon Training we offer every student of ours the ability to achieve the highest standards (upgrade).   This is simply done by paying additional fee (£147). Once this has been received the student will send additional material (assignments) needed for your NVQ qualification. As well as structuring relevant case studies or practical assessments in order to achieve full NVQ accreditation. COMING SOON!