Blemish Removal (Advanced Electrolysis) Training Course (2 Days)


  • Level – Advanced Electrolysis Level 4 & 5
  • Dates available through out the year. Once you pay for the training, call us with your suitable days
  • Pre Requisite: Need to have level 3 Electrolysis or qualified medics

Blemish Removal also known as of Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP or Advanced Electrolysis) is form of thermolysis.  It may be known as advanced electrolysis but has nothing to do with electrolysis (just use the same current) ACP is performed by applying a tiny probe (size of any eyelash) which directs a small current in order to removes/treats and cauterises the blemish.

As Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP) uses heat (thermolysis) for cauterisation, this makes it suitable for treatment and removal of a variety of different of blemishes or skin lesions.  The removal can be instant or may take a few treatment but is so popular as will leave not marks or scars (as ACP is a non surgical treatment), As thermolysis cauterises the difference between cryotherapy (freezing) is that is treats the root and the blemish will not grow back unlike freezing.

In this course the practitioner will learn all different blemishes and know how long they will take to be treated and what blemishes are untreated e.g. hyperpigmentation v chloasma (butterfly mask of pregnancy – disappears post pregnancy).

1st Day Training:

Introduction, Health & Safety, Sterilisation and disinfectant, Communication, Consultation and contraindications, Products, equipment and probes, Aftercare, Part I [Campbell de Morgan, Milia, Skin Tags, Spider Naevi, Thread Veins)

2nd Day Training:

Part 2 (Age spots, Moles, Warts, Verrucas and more), Related Anatomy and Physiology, Contra-actions, Review of COSHH, RIDDOR & Data Protection, Homestudy, Support, Client Care, Products and Branding

Can this diploma be upgraded to VTCT (NVQ) afterwards?

Yes, here at Paragon Training we offer every student of ours the ability to achieve the highest standards (upgrade).   This is simply done by the student paying an additional fee (£147). Once this has been received the student will send additional material (assignments) needed for your NVQ level 4 or 5 qualification. As well as structuring relevant case studies or practical assessments in order to achieve full NVQ accreditation. COMING SOON!